Add a touch of elegance to your invitations and thank you cards with envelope seals. Available in gold or silver.

Personalized Seals

 25   50   75   100   Add'25s 

$25.50 $26.50 $27.50 $28.50 $6.00

DJ2473 Gold
DJ2476 Silver

DJ2478 Gold

DJ2457 Gold
DJ2459 Silver

DJ2460 Gold
DJ2477 Silver

Envelope Seals

$4.95 per 25

DB2442 Gold
DB2443 Silver

DB2466 Gold
DB2467 Silver

DB2444 Gold
DB2445 Silver

DB2450 Gold
DB2452 Silver

DB2447 Gold
DB2449 Silver

DB2468 Gold
DB2469 Silver

DB2471 Gold
DB2472 Silver

Monogram Seals

Please specify initial when ordering
$4.95 per 25

DJ2465 Gold
DJ2480 Silver