Read the information and instructions carefully. This form is for placing an actual order. It is not for placing a request for samples.

Before starting to fill out your order

Complete each section for the items you wish to order.

When you fill your order form, it is important to remember the following points:

  • Call our attention to unusual spellings, such as Jon, Maryann, etc. by indicating "Spelling OK".
  • Make capitals and spacing such as LaPoint, La Point or Lapoint; McSwean or Macswean, etc.

Be sure to order enough, it is more expensive to reorder 25 invitations than to order 25 extra with your original order.

Last check before confirming your order

  • Are lettering style and design numbers (when needed) included?

  • Is the information about date, time, place of reception and address correct?

  • Have you included names and date for personalized items?

 (Canada only)
 (USA only)