Frequently Asked Questions

When should I expect delivery of my order?
Your order will be shipped within 48 hours of the day we receive it. You can allow 3 to 5 days before you receive it, depending on location and shipping method desired.

May I have the wording of my choice on my invitation?
Yes! At no extra charge. Rearrange the suggested wording or write your own.
Some invitations read "Honor" while others read "Honour". Also, some read "Honour of your presence"; others, "Pleasure of your company". Which is correct?
Although "honor" is acceptable on less formal invitations, "honour" is still preferred. "Request the honour of your presence" is used when the ceremony will be in a church or temple. "Request the pleasure of your company" is used if the ceremony is planned for a hotel, club, or home.

Whom should I include when sending invitations?
In addition to your family, your groom's family, and friends, don't forget to send invitations to the members of your wedding party and their husbands or wives and your clergyman and his wife. Be sure to order at least 25 additional invitations for those forgotten names that inevitably turn up.

Should I send separate invitations to my cousins or include them on the invitation sent to their parents?
Anyone 18 years or older should receive his or her own invitation.

When should my wedding invitations be mailed?
They are mailed two months before the wedding and always with first-class postage. Be sure to order your invitations early enough to allow time for printing and addressing.

What is the difference between a wedding invitation and announcement?
An announcement is sent instead of an invitation when the wedding was an elopement or an informal occasion. It is also sent to those who cannot be invited to the wedding because of size limitations, or to persons living far away who cannot attend.

I am sending wedding announcements in addition to invitations. Do I send them at the same time?
Announcements are to be mailed a day or two after the ceremony. You can address and stamp your announcements along with your invitations, but keep them separate and ask someone to drop them in the mail after the wedding.

Each invitation comes with two envelopes. How should these be addressed?
On the smaller inner envelope, write "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (exclude first names). If children under 18 years old are included, do not write "and family", but add their first names on the following line, as in "Cindy and Michael". The outer envelope should be addressed fully for mailing. Do not use abbreviations except "Mr.", "Jr." and "Dr.".

What is a corner copy?
Some brides prefer to have information concerning the reception printed directly on the invitation rather than on a separate reception card. This reception information, located in the lower left or right corner, depending on the design, is called corner copy.

How much time should I allow for guests to reply to my invitation?
The reply date printed on your response card should be four weeks before the wedding.

When should I mail my thank you cards?
Must I mail a note if I have thanked someone in person?

A note should be sent within two or three weeks after receiving the gift, even if you thanked the person orally.

Do both inner and outer envelopes come with my invitations?
Do envelopes come with thank you cards?

Yes to both questions. While plain envelopes are free, there is a charge for coloured lined envelopes and printed envelope flaps.

I have found the design I want. Can I order it on a different colour paper stock?
Each design is carefully created for total concept which includes colour and paper coordination. The colour of the design does not change based on the ink colour you select. Our wide choice of designs allows you great flexibility in coordinating your stationery ensemble with your individual colour scheme.